Jesus Feeds the Multitude

bible Craft basket loaves bread thousands

Basket of 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Craft

*For this craft I used empty Mott’s Naturals single serve applesauce containers (3.9 oz.) that came in a 6 pack.  I like to use them because the container is made to look like a basket/barrel.  Any single serve applesauce container can me used though.

Have one basket fully made prior to the lesson to be used as an example.

Materials: (links to print-outs coming soon)

  • 12 – 3.9 oz. single serve applesauce containers
  • 3 – containers of Play-doh (or similar substance, any color)
  • 66 – pipe cleaners: 60 – brown/tan, 6 – any color cut in half
  • 2 – flat toothpicks (these aren’t as pointy as the regular ones)
  • 1 – 1″ x 2-5/8″ sheet of address labels with 2 fish printed on each them (click here for PDF)
  • 12 – strips of the memory verse
  • 12 – glue sticks
  • Crayons
  • Single hole punch

Pre-lesson Preparation:

Thoroughly clean out each applesauce container.

Punch  a hole on each side of the container at the top. (see picture for placement.)Jesus feeds thousands craft basket

Divide up the play-doh into 12 small balls and place them back in the containers

Print and cut the fish label sticker out into individual labels.     Jesus feeds multitudes fish and loaves

Print and cut the memory verse strips.

In Class Assembly:

Show the children your example basket. Let them know that they will be making one so that they can always remember how Jesus took a regular meal for just one person and turned it into a feast for thousands.

Explain to the children that they will be making this basket one step at a time and it is very important to listen carefully to the directions.

Pass out crayons and the memory verse strips to the children.  Have them color and decorate the memory verse.

Pass out the glue sticks and have the children put glue on the section that says “GLUE” and have them wrap the strip around and so that the two end tabs are together. Bible craft jesus feeds multitude loaves and fish

This should make a cylinder that fits right into the applesauce container.

Hand out the applesauce containers and have the children put the verse into them.

Next pass out a ball of play-doh to each child and have them firmly press it into the bottom of their container making sure to press some against the edges to keep the paper in place, but keep the bottom thick enough so that the tooth picks and pip cleaners will stick in later.

Now hand out two fish labels to each child and have them color them.

Next hand out two toothpicks to each child; have them carefully pull the sticker off the paper then fold the sticker in half around the toothpick. Then stick the toothpicks into the play-doh in their containers.

Give each child 5 pipe cleaners. Have them fold each one individually in half twice and then twist them individually to look like loaves of bread. Stick those into the play-doh.

Finally take the half pipe cleaner and put it through the two wholes in the basket and twist at the ends to make a handle.

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