Jesus Turns Water into Wine Craft

Jesus Turns Water to Wine Craft
*For this craft I reused water bottles from a 15 pack of 10 oz purified water bottles from WalMart.  All measurements listed for this craft are based on this size bottle so please be sure to adjust accordingly when using a different sized bottle.

Have one bottle fully made prior to the lesson to be used as an example.


  • ~15 – 10 oz. empty water bottles with the caps
  • ~15 – strips of construction paper 9×3 each (typical construction paper measures  9×12 so you can get 4 per sheet)
  • ~glue gun or tape
  • ~1 gal. water
  • ~red food coloring


  • ~3 – 20 oz. containers of baby oil
  • ~15 – strips of the memory verse (click here for PDF)
  • ~glue sticks
  • ~Sunday School stickers
  • ~*optional – glue gun

Pre-lesson Preparation

  • ~Using either the glue gun or tape, attach the construction paper around the bottom half of the water bottle.  I found that hot glue was the quickest and stuck the best.  Some tapes don’t stick well to the bottle.  If you don’t have a glue gun you can use regular white glue but after wrapping the construction paper around the bottle be sure to put a rubber band around the bottle or some tape on the end to hold the paper in place until it dries.
  • ~Add about10-20 drops of red food coloring to the gallon of water (more if you want a deeper red color). Then pour the water into each bottle so that it fills to bottle to about ¼ in. under the construction paper.
  • ~Make sure the bottle tops are tight and secure when you transport these to your Sunday school class.

In class assembly:

  • ~Explain to the children, that while only Jesus can perform real miracles, we can make something special to remind us of the miracle they learned about today.  Carefully pick up your bottle to show the children.  Ask them what Jesus had the servants first put into the barrels. Then, show them that it looks like you have water in your bottle.  Then ask them what Jesus turned the water into.  After they answer with wine, shake your bottle and ask the children what it looks like is in your bottle now.
  • ~Let the children know that they will soon be making one of these too but you first have to go over the instructions…

o       PLEASE stress to the children that these are not for drinking!

o       PLEASE also stress to the children that they are NOT to open their bottles.

o       Each child will get a bottle, a glue stick, and a bible verse.

o       Each table will get a bowl full or a pack of stickers.

o       The children will first glue the bible verse to the constriction paper on the bottle, then decorate the construction paper with stickers. (Ask the children not to put stickers on the clear part of the bottle so that they can see when the “water turns into wine.”)

o       As the children are working on this the adults will come around with the baby oil and (depending on ages and ability levels) together the adult and the child can put the baby oil in the bottle.

  • ~As the adults go around putting the baby oil in the bottles be sure to put the tops back on tightly.  Also remember to put their names on the bottles.
  • ~After all the bottles are full, names are on them and the children are done putting stickers on them, collect all the bottles and prepare for snack time.
  • ~*Option to secure the bottle tops…

*While the children are having their snacks the adults can secure the bottle tops by using a hot glue gun to put some glue around the inside and outside of the cap.  Of course only do this if the children are safely seated away from the glue gun so no one gets burned.




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