The Greatest Commandment

Mark 12:28-30  The Greatest Commandment

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The Greatest Commandment Craft

*For this craft I used standard 12×9 construction paper and thin craft sticks.  The craft can be adjusted to use smaller/bigger paper and the fatter craft sticks.


~12×9 construction paper

~Craft sticks – 4 whole sticks and 4 half sticks per student

~Avery 2×4 label sheets (if you can’t get the labels just use regular white printer paper and glue the verses on)

~ Mark 12 30-31 verse labels PDF (5 per sheet)

~Sunday School Stickers (I found them at the Dollar Tree)


~Glue sticks


~Hole puncher

Pre-Lesson Preparation:

Print out Mark 12 30-31 verse labels PDF.  There are enough labels for 5 students per sheet.

Cut the craft sticks in half to have 4 half sticks per student.

Punch two holes at the top of the construction paper for the sting/yarn to be attached.

Cut enough string/yarn to hang each child’s craft

*Depending on time and age of the class you may want to attach the sting before the lesson unless you feel the children are able to do this on their own.

In Class Assembly:

Show the children your example and let them know they are going to make a craft that they can hang up in their house so that everyone can see and always remember what Jesus’ greatest commandment to us is. Hang up your example in the room somewhere so all the children can see it and so you can reference it as you give them instructions. Hand out the construction paper and the labels first.  Be sure to hand out verse 30 first and have the children put that at the top, then verse 31 below that, leaving room to put the craft sticks around them (refer them to your example).  Next, hand out the craft sticks and glue sticks and have the children glue the sticks around the labels (refer them to your example).  I found it best to put glue on the paper and glue on the craft stick, and then put the craft stick on the paper.  As the children finish this hand out the markers/crayons and the stickers for them do decorate their craft.


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