The Armor of God-Helmet of Salvation

The Armor of God-Helmet of Salvation-Ephesians 6:10-20 Lesson 5

Have a bunch of different hats on display.  Some examples:  baseball hat, firefighter’s helmet, chef’s hat, bike helmet, winter hat, cowboy hat, birthday hat, sombrero, ear muffs, bandanas, straw hat, batting helmet, football helmet, etc.  Have kids put different hats on and tell you what they would do while wearing that on their head.

Read Ephesians 6 as you prepare this lesson.  Verses 10-20 tell us about special weapons and tools that we need to be strong in the Lord.  We are going to explain each of these in simple terms to begin to lay a foundation that a strong Christian actively uses spiritual tools to fight against Satan, our enemy, and pursues righteousness and the glory of God.

The helmet of salvation symbolizes the protection God gives us over our heads (our minds).  Our weapons our spiritual ones, so the helmet is not to protect our physical heads from being hurt or damaged, but to protect our minds where our thoughts start.  We are going to talk to the children about the importance of keeping their thought-life pure and fighting the spiritual battle of renewing the mind.

A hat is a very interesting piece of clothing.  You don’t HAVE to wear a hat in order to be dressed.  When you put a hat on, it’s usually for something specific.  A football player wouldn’t wear a chef’s hat while playing football because that would never protect his head.  You wouldn’t wear a winter hat to the beach because, besides the fact that you’d look ridiculous, you would sweat to death!  A baseball hat shows what team you’re on.  Hats usually have a purpose.

The Bible talks about a very special hat that is actually a helmet.  When we use helmets, it’s usually so that our head can be protected like when riding a bicycle or motorcycle or doing something dangerous like being around a construction site, playing football or batting during a baseball game.  Why does God give us a “helmet” of salvation?  He knows that our minds are where good thoughts and bad thoughts happen.  Our good thoughts bring us closer to Jesus, and our bad thoughts bring us away from Jesus.  When we watch certain things on TV or listen to certain music or give in to bad things that people tell us, we are not protecting our heads (minds).  We need to put on the “helmet of salvation” that Jesus gives us and that will help God protect our thoughts.  Our enemy, Satan, wants us to think about things that will lead us away from God.  We have been given a special tool to keep us strong in the Lord and will protect our minds from bad thoughts.

Memory Verse:  “Take the helmet of salvation.” Eph. 6:17

What can we do when a bad thought comes into our mind?  The best way to fight our enemy, Satan, is to tell Him what God says in His Word.  We have been memorizing scripture verses in our Kingdom Kids class.  This will help us to fight Satan’s lies and make those bad thoughts go away.  Can anybody think of a scripture verse or even a Bible song that would keep our faith in Jesus strong?  (Jesus Loves Me, Honor your father and mother, God is the Creator of all things and He made me special, etc.)  Whenever bad thoughts come into your mind, think about the things you learned from God’s Word at church or from Mom and Dad.  Put the helmet of salvation on and tell Satan that you don’t believe his lies and that you are following God.

Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for dying on the cross for our sins and for giving your salvation that makes our hearts clean and our minds filled with good thoughts.  Help us to say “NO” to bad thoughts that lead us away from you and hurt others, and help us to think of things that are good and right.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Craft- The children will make helmets. Put their full names on the back and let them wear them until it’s time to clean up.  Collect each one at the end and put them in the box marked with the correct time of the service.  There will be two containers for each service that will hold each piece of armor the child makes.  When the 8 lessons on over, each child should go home with a complete set of armor.

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3 Responses to The Armor of God-Helmet of Salvation

  1. Sylvia says:

    Very good lesson

  2. Janean Glass says:

    We are doing Whitewater Kingdom for our VBS program this year. This lesson on the Armor of God fits right into our theme. Thank you!!

  3. Mrs. Carolyn Tutton says:

    Thank you for some very good ideas that have expanded my lesson on the Helmet of Salvation which I am teaching to grandchildren and their friends. They come over once a week, and after we all have ridden bikes, flown kites, etc., then we eat and afterwards, we all enjoy Bible Story Time. What an opportunity to teach the Word of God! It has made a BIG difference.

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