Jesus Is Our Best Friend

Proverbs 18:24a


PDF Print-out> Jesus Friendship Bracelet
Show the children the bracelet they will be making for the craft.  Tell them that this is your new friendship bracelet.  A friendship bracelet shows you are best friends with someone very special.   I have my special friend’s name written on the beads of my bracelet.  I’ll tell you a riddle and then we’ll see if you can guess who my best friend is!

My best friend stays with me all the time,
And HE helps me and loves me come rain or come shine!
My best friend and I have so much fun;
I’m glad ‘cuz my best friend is God’s only Son!
Who is my best  friend?



Congratulate the children after they guess.  Jesus is my very best friend, and He is your best friend, too!  That’s why I have Jesus’ name on my friendship bracelet.  Can you spell Jesus’ name with me (Point to the letters on your bracelet as you spell Jesus’ name.) Would you like to make a bracelet with Jesus’ name on it, too?  After the lesson, we’ll make it together.

Proverbs 18:24a
“There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Ask the children to tell you what makes a best friend.  Tell the children that Jesus is everything and more that we want a best friend to be.  He teaches us about God and helps us when we need help. Jesus is never too busy to listen, and He stays with us all the time.  We can trust Jesus to care for us and always love us.  With Jesus as our best friend, we never have to feel alone or scared.  Jesus is so wonderful, isn’t He?  What a friend we have in Jesus!

Why is Jesus such a good friend?

How can we tell Jesus we love Him and want to be His friend?

Let’s go make our friendship bracelet.  It will be a good reminder that Jesus is our best friend and that He is always with us.  When you look at the bracelet, you can tell Him you love Him and thank Him for all the good things in your  life!

Memory Verse:
“There is a friend who sticks closer than a    brother.” Proverbs 18:24a


Make a bracelet with Jesus’ name using letter beads.  Go over the memory verse several times as you help the children string the beads.  Spell “JESUS” over and over again so they memorize the spelling (it will be easy for them to do if you repeat it with the same tone in your voice every time).

Who is Jesus?  He is our friend.

Thank you Jesus for being my best friend.  Help me to trust you every day and to show that I love you!  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Lesson from Kingdom Kids from Catalyst Ministry

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  1. Vanessa Persaud says:

    Thanks for sharing your lesson…grateful appreciate it….

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