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Sunday: 4/15/2012                    Sunday:6/10/12                            Sunday:  6/03/12
Title: Updated Soon                   Pastor Frank Apicella                 Pastor Kevin Henesy

Sunday: 4/15/2012                    Wednesday:                                   Saturday:  4/14/12
Title: Pastor Frank Apicella     Title: Gayle Erwin                        Title: Gayle Erwin
Bible: Talents                              Bible: The Jesus Style 3             Bible: The Jesus Style 2

  Resurrection Message    Psalm 118:22-26
Saturday: 4/14/2012                Wednesday: 4/08/2012              Sunday:  4/01/2012
Title: Gayle Erwin 1                  Title: Resurrection Message      Title: Palm Sunday
Bible: The Jesus Style 1            Bible: Ephesians 2:1-10               Bible: Psalm 118:22-26

    Luke 17: 7-10   Luke 17:1-6
Sunday: 3/25/2012                    Sunday: 3/18/2012                    Wednesday:  3/11/2012
Title: Thankfulness                     Title: Faithfulness                        Title: Forgiveness
Bible: Luke 17:11-19                  Bible: Luke 17:7-10                     Bible: Luke 17:1-6

  Pastor Kevin Henesy  Calvary Chapel New York
Sunday: 3/04/2012                  Sunday: 2/26/2012                   Wednesday:  2/22/2012
Title:                                             Title:                                            Title:
Bible: Hebrews 11:6                  Bible Passage:                            Bible Passage: