Romania- Lynn Wohland

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My name is Lynn Wohland.  I am a registered art therapist and worked in mental health care for several years before I began full time Christian ministry with Long Island Youth Mentoring.  Beginning in 2003, I served with them 4 years as the East End Area Director.  During that time, I saw the Lord work mightily through faithful Christians as they mentored a child considered “at risk” or a challenged mother in need of God’s love.  It was also in 2003 that I was introduced to the history, triumphs and needs of Romania, a former communist nation in Eastern Europe.  The Lord set me on a journey connecting those two events in 2003, which culminated with my arrival to Timosoara, Romania in May 2008 through the sending organization, Great Europe Mission.

My heart was particularly burdened by the discovery of the many street children living in Romania.  The clear vision God put on my heart was to see Romanian Christians reach out intentionally with Christ’s love on a consistent basis to youth and mothers in need in their community: a.k.a. mentoring ministry. While the Lord put that one main mission on my heart, He has also opened the doors to many other opportunities that have brought blessing and challenge.  For instance, using art therapy, participating in ministry through English, serving “hands on”  through existing Christian organizations serving kids with needs, discipleship groups for young ladies and special events for Romania women in ministry.

Please keep these and particularly the mentoring ministry in prayer, as there are cultural norms that will war against the idea of volunteerism and reaching out into the life of a disadvantaged stranger.  I am counting on the Holy Spirit to mobilize and embolden those He has chosen to try this daring “new” ministry!  The Lord seems to be answering already but there is much more yet to be seen.  Please pray that the Lord would be glorified as the Romanian Christians fulfill His desire to care for these people, and that many more would come to experience and trust in our Hope, Jesus Christ.