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There are so many reasons to homeschool your children, and unfortunately the reasons seem to be multiplying! If you are worried about what your children are exposed to and are being taught and interested in homeschooling we a have added important information that you will need.

At the end of last year we removed our two youngest children from middle school. As a family we talked and prayed, and moved forward with our decision. We spoke with the guidance counselor who gave us the information of whom to contact within our school district. They in turn sent us all the legal information we would need to meet the NYS requirements. We are telling you our story to help those of you considering homeschooling. The whole process was much easier than I thought it would be, and just wanted to shed some light for those considering. Please visit the links below to receive (This is not legal advice. Just a parent giving some helpful tips 😉

New to homeschooling?  Where do you start? Below we have some helpful resources.

-Legal Advice for Homeschooling:

-All we had to do was file a “Letter of Intent” within 14 days of starting. I would send this certified mail with receipt. They will in turn mai you a packet of NYS homeschool compliance information. The will mail you the IHIP and all other important information.
I have been able to contact them with all the information I needed and they were extremely courteous and helpful.

-Mail in a IHIP which is a student curriculum plan.  Must in when starting to homeschool, and in the beginning of very school year. This informs the school of your educational choices in every area of study with curriculum names.

-New York State Law:

-Also helpful NYS information:

-We borrowed the books that our children had been using that year and just finished them out.  With math we used an online course. We recommend Aleks if you are taking your child out mid year because they have an assessment and your child will start right where they left off in public school. Another online math program is Math Help, but they have no placement test which makes it harder to start mid-year.

-You have to take a yearly assessment test and send the results to your assigned school district department. We took the California State Assessment Test.

Leah -New York State Home School Support Group. Loving Education At Home (LEAH) is a Christian statewide organization dedicated to supporting and promoting home education throughout New York. One of our major purposes is to support a statewide network of homeschool chapters by and for home educating parents. For more information on finding one of these LEAH chapters,

HSLDA -Homeschooling Legal Advocates.

New Homeschool Curriculum
Curriculum Reviews -Which curriculum is best for your family?
Rainbow Resource -One of the best websites to buy curriculum. Has the widest selection of homeschool curriculum at discounted prices. What I love about them is that they have sample book chapters for almost every book so you can look through the book online to see if it is a good fit before purchasing. They also carry almost EVERY curriculum available on the market, not just the largest.
Christian Book Distributors– Has a wonderful selection of solid homeschool curriculum with book samples, indexes & more.

Free Homeschool Curriculum
Charlotte Mason
Old Fashioned Education

Free Online Curriculum
Khan Academy
Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Free Unit Studies

Great Places to Buy Used Curriculum:
Homeschool Classifieds

Printable Schedules, Planners & Organizers

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